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    60 classic Hollywood movie posters 2.

    1918. Tarzan of the Apes   1925.    1931.    1933.    1934.    1935.    1951.   1952.   1958.   1958.   1960.   1960.   1961.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1963.   1963.   1964.   1965.   1966.   1968.   1968.   1968. […] More

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    Neil the roommate lion – 1972

    If we hear the name Tippi Hedren, we do not have much to think about. But she is Melanie Griffith’s mother and she is an actress (Hitchcock: Birds, Marnie), a model, an anti-Vietnam war activist and an enthusiastic animal protector. She created the Shambala Lion Wildlife Reserve. More

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    Flashes from our past – 007

    Shocking, surprising, interesting, rare! 1901. Playground in Russian Empire, Cherkassy city. The name of the game is giant step   1910. US-Mexico border   1911. The 16 ton anchor for SS Titanic leaving N. Hingley & Sons, Netherton Iron Works, UK   1916. Cleaner vacuum cleaning the 2nd class wagons on the Russian Empire railway   1919. Red terror era. […] More

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    Summer in New York City – 1979

    Peter van Wijk – a Dutch merchant ship’s radioman – is the one who came to New York in the summer of 1979 and photographed the bustling, vivid color metropolis with his machine. You can see the whole collection at the same time, just as nowhere before. More

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    Human crash test dummies

    Germany late 1970s, early 80s A clip from the Television series “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” with host Jack Palance that aired in the mid-1980’s. The story was about automobile safety and the importance of wearing your seat belt. The first half featured the familiar footage of crash test dummies in the ultra slow-motion from […] More

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    Liverpool 1980s

    Today we will visiting in the 1980s’ Liverpool. Watch out, 52 kicking photos coming! Liverpool fell to the depths never before seen in the early eighties. The economic recession, which is heavily affected by the city (and the country), mainly due to the shrinking industrial production and the endless factory closures have sparked stunning unemployment. […] More

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    Vintage car ads

    1953-1962. Mercedes-Benz 180D 1958. Jaguar 3.4 1959. Ford Escort Station Wagon 1961. Fiat Spider 1962-1968. MG 1100 1962. Volkswagen Bus 1963. Saab 96 1964. Ford models 1966. Mercedes-Benz 230SL 1967. Fiat 850 1968. BMW 3.0S 1969. Austin 3Liter 1970. Volkswagen Bug 1971. BMW 1972. Mazda-RX-2 1973. Citroen-SM 1974. Audi Fox 1974. MGB 1975. BMW 3.0S [...]
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    East-Asia in the 1950s

    Phil Roeder uploaded his fathers photos to Flickr, who served in the US Air Force in the 1950s. Photographs made in Okinawa, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the Philippines and show the region shortly after the war. Macao and Hong Kong are not yet part of China (UK and Portugal), Okinawa is ocuppied by Americans and […] More

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    Vintage christmas wishes

    1948. Zenith radio 1955. MOTOROLA TV 1951. General Electic radios 1951. MOTOROLA radio 1953. PHILIPS phonograph 1955. MOTOROLA radio 1955. MOTOROLA radio 1955. RCA color TV 1957. MOTOROLA portable phonograph 1957. PHILIPS refrigeratior with built-in radio 1958. Motorola radio 1958. Motorola radio 1958. Motorola radio 1958. MOTOROLA poretable phonograph 1958. MOTOROLA TV 1960. SONY TV [...]
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