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    Quantico 1989

    FBI Academy in late 80s. From these pictures only Scully and Mulder are missing

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    Flashes from our past – 001

    Shocking, surprising, interesting and rare images from past. Part 001 1881. A snow blockade in southern Minnesota. On March 29, 1881, snowdrifts in Minnesota were higher than locomotives   1901. Before Tinder. Remote part of Montana. Woodsmen post an advertisement   The first military airplanes to be used by Latvia Swastikas not means nazism. It’s […] More

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    Twenty years of Greenland – 1889-1909

    Thomas Neergaard Krabbe (1861-1936), danish doctor, ornitologist and photographer spent eleven years in Greenland and almost all danish-lived towns and colonies photographed between 1889-1909. The danish ocuppied Greenland is now still danish with full autonomy. The life on the island in the turning of two centuries is more exciting than we can imagine! Click on images to […] More

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    If London were like…

    What if London looking like other big cities style? Editors of Harmsworth’s Magazine imagined that in 1899. How’s London looking like Venice or an american big city. Respect for “photoshop-less” editor. Pictures by R. Thiele.   More

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    Mongolia in color – 1913

    Two pure genius of photography the russian Sergei Prokudin-Gorski and the french millionaire philantrophist Albert Kahn photographed Mongolia. Prokudin-Gorski photographed Russia and the russo-protectorant Mongolia, Kahn planned to document the whole known world’s countries in colour.               More

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