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    Flashes from our past – 006

    Shocking, surprising, interesting, rare


    The Blizzard of 1910 was considered the worst snowsorm to hit New York since 1888. A trolley plowed through the snow and wind during the heavy snowfall on New York streets in Jan. 1910.

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    Flashes from our past – 002

    1893. Man, probably Tempest Anderson’s (pioneer of vulcanology) team member standing in a spiracle on a lava plain in Iceland   1906. Italian village Boscotrecase destroyed by volcanic ash and lava during Vesuvius eruption   1924. Calvin Coolidge (right) 30th president of United States on his Vermont farm with his wife (left) and son John (middle) […] More

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    Flashes from our past – 001

    Shocking, surprising, interesting and rare images from past. Part 001 1881. A snow blockade in southern Minnesota. On March 29, 1881, snowdrifts in Minnesota were higher than locomotives   1901. Before Tinder. Remote part of Montana. Woodsmen post an advertisement   The first military airplanes to be used by Latvia Swastikas not means nazism. It’s […] More

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    Leningrad 1958 Part 1

    Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 and today has more than 5 millions citizens – it’s the second biggest city of Russia. The city has a unique charm, its downtown is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Saint Petersburg was renamed to Petrograd in 1914 and to Leningrad in 1924. The images in this post are from 1958 and they show the everyday life of the city. We split our 31 images into 2 posts, the current post contains 15 images, the next 16 images will be posted in the next article tomorrow.

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