Month: February 2018

Rarely Seen History February 27, 2018

Actually the chosen title not really covers the reality because the illustrations presented below are not specifically designed for comics. Still, style and theme choice all reflect the world of comics. In this series, I’m presenting some of the less well-known drawers, who designed the covers and illustrations for the most popular American-adventure books. The […]

Rarely Seen History February 24, 2018

Shocking, surprising, interesting, rare! Cincinnati’s Price Hill Incline in the early 1900s   1913. Grinding metal at Crewe railway works, England   1919. Fish vendor in soviet Arkhangelsk   1930. Illegal distillery in Poland   1931. Archaeologists excavating the agora in Athens discovered a well hewn into the rock that contained the remains of 450 babies […]

Rarely Seen History February 11, 2018

1957. The Piasecki VZ-8 Airgeep, also known as the flying Jeep, was developed for the US Army to takeoff and land vertically. They believed they could completely unleash the old rolling off-road vehicle.   1900. American woodcutters   1913. First all-Russian Olympic Games in Kiev. Riding and mowing Gymnastic with rakes and mowers.   1914. […]

Rarely Seen History February 6, 2018

1918. Tarzan of the Apes   1925.    1931.    1933.    1934.    1935.    1951.   1952.   1958.   1958.   1960.   1960.   1961.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1962.   1963.   1963.   1964.   1965.   1966.   1968.   1968.   1968. […]

Rarely Seen History February 3, 2018

The Soviet Union is an inexhaustible source of interesting, disturbing, shocking or simply rare photos. Here’s a pack of ’em: 1920. H.G. Wells meets V. I. Lenin   1922. Mounting of high-voltage power lines towers without crane. The upper parts were always rolled up (see right)   1927. From 1909 to 1930 there was a […]