Rarely Seen History December 27, 2017

Phil Roeder uploaded his fathers photos to Flickr, who served in the US Air Force in the 1950s. Photographs made in Okinawa, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the Philippines and show the region shortly after the war. Macao and Hong Kong are not yet part of China (UK and Portugal), Okinawa is ocuppied by Americans and […]

Rarely Seen History December 23, 2017

Watch this 1977 SEARS catalogue! Toys for kids. Selected 101 sites from whole 40 years old issue. Click to enlarge (be patient, sometimes takin’ for a while)! [envira-gallery id=”13512261″]   source Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History December 23, 2017

1893. Man, probably Tempest Anderson’s (pioneer of vulcanology) team member standing in a spiracle on a lava plain in Iceland   1906. Italian village Boscotrecase destroyed by volcanic ash and lava during Vesuvius eruption   1924. Calvin Coolidge (right) 30th president of United States on his Vermont farm with his wife (left) and son John (middle) […]

Rarely Seen History December 23, 2017

I found a huge photobase on flickr of a british woman Cynthia Hilsden. There’s thousands of holiday and travel pictures in this goldmine. I bring you today some amazing images from 1980-s Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia wasn’t a classic East-block country over the iron curtain, however marshall Tito – leader of the multinationalist country – formed a strong […]

rarelyseenhistory December 22, 2017

Shocking, surprising, interesting and rare images from past. Part 001 1881. A snow blockade in southern Minnesota. On March 29, 1881, snowdrifts in Minnesota were higher than locomotives   1901. Before Tinder. Remote part of Montana. Woodsmen post an advertisement   The first military airplanes to be used by Latvia Swastikas not means nazism. It’s […]

rarelyseenhistory December 21, 2017

Thomas Neergaard Krabbe (1861-1936), danish doctor, ornitologist and photographer spent eleven years in Greenland and almost all danish-lived towns and colonies photographed between 1889-1909. The danish ocuppied Greenland is now still danish with full autonomy. The life on the island in the turning of two centuries is more exciting than we can imagine! Click on images to […]

rarelyseenhistory December 21, 2017

What if London looking like other big cities style? Editors of Harmsworth’s Magazine imagined that in 1899. How’s London looking like Venice or an american big city. Respect for “photoshop-less” editor. Pictures by R. Thiele.   Facebook Comments

rarelyseenhistory December 21, 2017

Two pure genius of photography the russian Sergei Prokudin-Gorski and the french millionaire philantrophist Albert Kahn photographed Mongolia. Prokudin-Gorski photographed Russia and the russo-protectorant Mongolia, Kahn planned to document the whole known world’s countries in colour.               Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History October 4, 2017

Warsaw was ruined during the World War II. Today we show Warsaw images from 1958 and you can see the sign of war on these images too. Check out our collection and share your comments below! Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History October 3, 2017

Today we continue the serie we started yesterday and show your another 16 images of Leningrad from 1958. Don’t forget to check the first 15 images in the yesterday’s post! Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History October 2, 2017

Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 and today has more than 5 millions citizens – it’s the second biggest city of Russia. The city has a unique charm, its downtown is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Saint Petersburg was renamed to Petrograd in 1914 and to Leningrad in 1924. The images in this post […]

Rarely Seen History October 1, 2017

Budapest is a jewel box in the heart of Europe, mostly because of its amazing buildings. The city was beautiful in the 1960s as well, that’s why we collected few old photos back from 1960. The life was slower and the vehicles was totally different as today, but the city had the same charm. Visit […]

Rarely Seen History September 30, 2017

Here comes an another batch of British aviation postes and we show you again 12 posters from the beginning of aviation. Don’t forget to check the first part from yesterday! Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History September 29, 2017

Today you can see posters from the beginning of British aviation, we collected 11 posters in this post. Don’t forget to check the second part tomorrow, with another 11 images. Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History September 28, 2017

Smoking is a bad habit and if we are right, advertising this habit in television or ads is strictly prohibited in most of countries. But this was not true in the past so tobacco companies used celebs to sell their products to people. Of course, Santa Claus was also used in such advertisements, today we […]

Rarely Seen History September 27, 2017

Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and today we show you few really amazing images back from 1969. The life was going much slower then and people did not have to rush anywhere. Please vote for your favourite image below, in the comment area! Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History September 24, 2017

Star Wars is most likely one of the most known sci-fis in the history but today we gathered few strange posters what can be new for fans as well. Check out the 23 posters below and share your thoughts in the comment area! Facebook Comments

Rarely Seen History September 20, 2017

Was Moscow a sad place where people never saw the bright side of life? Seeing Aad van der Drift‘s images of Moscow from 1984 we can not say that Moscow was a bad place. People lived there their everyday life and the city also had some charm. Check out our selection of Moscow images and […]