Rarely Seen History February 3, 2018

The Soviet Union is an inexhaustible source of interesting, disturbing, shocking or simply rare photos. Here’s a pack of ’em: 1920. H.G. Wells meets V. I. Lenin   1922. Mounting of high-voltage power lines towers without crane. The upper parts were always rolled up (see right)   1927. From 1909 to 1930 there was a […]

Rarely Seen History October 4, 2017

Warsaw was ruined during the World War II. Today we show Warsaw images from 1958 and you can see the sign of war on these images too. Check out our collection and share your comments below!

Rarely Seen History October 3, 2017

Today we continue the serie we started yesterday and show your another 16 images of Leningrad from 1958. Don’t forget to check the first 15 images in the yesterday’s post!

Rarely Seen History October 2, 2017

Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 and today has more than 5 millions citizens – it’s the second biggest city of Russia. The city has a unique charm, its downtown is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Saint Petersburg was renamed to Petrograd in 1914 and to Leningrad in 1924. The images in this post […]

Rarely Seen History October 1, 2017

Budapest is a jewel box in the heart of Europe, mostly because of its amazing buildings. The city was beautiful in the 1960s as well, that’s why we collected few old photos back from 1960. The life was slower and the vehicles was totally different as today, but the city had the same charm. Visit […]

Rarely Seen History September 27, 2017

Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and today we show you few really amazing images back from 1969. The life was going much slower then and people did not have to rush anywhere. Please vote for your favourite image below, in the comment area!

Rarely Seen History September 20, 2017

Was Moscow a sad place where people never saw the bright side of life? Seeing Aad van der Drift‘s images of Moscow from 1984 we can not say that Moscow was a bad place. People lived there their everyday life and the city also had some charm. Check out our selection of Moscow images and […]