Rarely Seen History February 3, 2018

The Soviet Union is an inexhaustible source of interesting, disturbing, shocking or simply rare photos. Here’s a pack of ’em: 1920. H.G. Wells meets V. I. Lenin   1922. Mounting of high-voltage power lines towers without crane. The upper parts were always rolled up (see right)   1927. From 1909 to 1930 there was a […]

Rarely Seen History January 6, 2018

Shocking, surprising, interesting, rare. Today some 18+! images are in at the end. 1886. Aleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov, older brother of Lenin. Hanged for an attempted assasination of Tzar Alexander III, aged 21.

Rarely Seen History September 20, 2017

Was Moscow a sad place where people never saw the bright side of life? Seeing Aad van der Drift‘s images of Moscow from 1984 we can not say that Moscow was a bad place. People lived there their everyday life and the city also had some charm. Check out our selection of Moscow images and […]