Rarely Seen History January 1, 2019

There weren’t a huge range of available cars in the Eastern Block, and the production of them were continously delayed. After someone paid an advance, he might wait 10-15 years to get the car in hand. And there were countries where the waiting time was even longer! The Communist Era was never able to produce […]

Rarely Seen History January 20, 2018

Shocking, surprising, interesting, rare The Blizzard of 1910 was considered the worst snowsorm to hit New York since 1888. A trolley plowed through the snow and wind during the heavy snowfall on New York streets in Jan. 1910.

Rarely Seen History December 23, 2017

1893. Man, probably Tempest Anderson’s (pioneer of vulcanology) team member standing in a spiracle on a lava plain in Iceland   1906. Italian village Boscotrecase destroyed by volcanic ash and lava during Vesuvius eruption   1924. Calvin Coolidge (right) 30th president of United States on his Vermont farm with his wife (left) and son John (middle) […]

Rarely Seen History October 4, 2017

Warsaw was ruined during the World War II. Today we show Warsaw images from 1958 and you can see the sign of war on these images too. Check out our collection and share your comments below!

Rarely Seen History September 27, 2017

Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and today we show you few really amazing images back from 1969. The life was going much slower then and people did not have to rush anywhere. Please vote for your favourite image below, in the comment area!